The Power of Repeat Reminders

Oct 22, 2022

I'm becoming more and more like the person who takes in lots of information everyday, and wants to keep a high standard on everything, but keep forgetting things!

This is especially a problem when my wife is pregnant and I have to take on more house chores. Before I realized the power of the Reminders app, I often regretted about forgetting the things we talked about one hour ago, and ended up spending more time making up for it. It didn't help our relationship either :(

So, to free up my brain space of holding on while keeping a quality life standard, I use this simple yet effective app: Reminders!

For repetitive tasks that I need to do everyday, I set a reminder. It works well for me as I can rely on the app to remind me at a time to do that.

repeat reminders screenshot

It is simple to set up. Create an item, pick a date and time, turn on the Repeat option, set it as a daily / weekly / custom frequency, and then forget about it!

All you need is a few seconds, but you get the return every now and then. Such a high ROI action!

Note that I don't put things that are open-ended, or require lots of thinking as items, like "Think about starting a new project".

And I prune the tasks list aggressively. If I find myself procrastinating on the same item for a few days, maybe that task should not be there. I would delete it, and then think about a different strategy to deal with it instead.

Given a little practise, I gradually get a sens what tasks fit this category, and put other tasks in another bucket, and manage them differently.

I highly recommend to give it a try!