Over the years, I have done a number of (side) projects. Some are open source while others are not.

  • aide.el: An Emacs front end for GPT APIs like OpenAI
  • Titan Workout App: Built the app that allows gym users to customize and track workouts. We use Flutter to build a cross-platform app (Android & iOS) from the ground up. Along with that, I also wrote a tutorial and a demo app about BLoC pattern in Flutter.
  • Emacs TIL: A blog dedicated to Emacs. It documents the Emacs tips and tricks I learned. Source code is available in Github.
  • bootstrap-vue-timeline and bootstrap-vue-heatmap. These are two components to complement the Bootstrap Vue library.
  • Jessler: A Slack Bot that searches everywhere for you. Written in Ruby on Rails.

Want to work with me? Leave me a message: me(AT)